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Should You Invest In A Larger Propane Tank For Your Home?

by Genesis Allen

If you've found yourself paying high propane prices to refill your home's fuel tank mid-winter, you may be wondering whether or not investing in a larger tank that can accommodate an entire year's supply is a more cost-effective idea. While this can often be a great way to stock up during the summer price slump and ensure your supply will last through the winter, you may still be paying more than necessary if your heater's efficiency isn't up to par. Read on to learn more about how to improve efficiency and help your propane supply last longer—with or without a larger tank.

What can you do to make your use of propane more efficient?

For situations in which your summer fill-up was once enough to power your home through the winter and now barely gets you through the holiday season, you may be facing an issue with your furnace that prevents it from moving warm air through your home as efficiently—or perhaps an issue with your home's ability to retain heat. You'll first want to check the air filters connected to your furnace to ensure they're cleared of debris and dust that can prevent airflow. Next, you may want to check the seals on your doors and windows to make sure they still fit snugly; over time, dirt and oils that accumulate on these rubber seals can degrade them and lead to drafts. In many cases, stripping out your older door seals and replacing them with new ones can noticeably increase your home's efficiency.

When may you need to invest in a larger propane tank?

If you've taken each of these steps and find that you're still using more propane each year than you're able to purchase in a single fill, a larger tank may be your best bet. This can allow you to take advantage of multi-gallon fill discounts while also purchasing propane during late summer, the time of year it's usually least expensive. In many cases, the company from which you order propane may already own the tank in your yard, leasing it to you for a nominal annual fee. If this is true, you should be able to upgrade the size of your tank simply by contacting your propane supplier and paying a slightly higher rental fee. If you currently own your tank, you may want to investigate selling or trading with another propane user for his or her larger one.

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