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Tips For Taking Care Of Your Newly Installed Solar Panels

by Genesis Allen

When you install solar panels to power your home, you need to understand how to keep those panels clean and properly maintained. For those new to these panels, this maintenance can be unfamiliar territory. While solar panels aren't very demanding, there are a few things that you need to know about care after your solar panel installation.

General Upkeep

Every solar panel needs some basic care once it's installed. For example, you'll want to take your garden hose up and spray the panels thoroughly with the hose every few months. If you still see debris left behind, invest in a sprayer that allows you to mix in a little gentle dish detergent. Make sure you rinse them completely with clean water after using detergent, though. You want to leave a clean, clear surface behind when you're done.

Keep in mind that your solar panels should be rinsed either right around sunrise or after sunset. Otherwise, the panels will be very hot from absorbing the sun, so the water you spray on them will evaporate. The only time you can skip the rinsing is if you've had quite a bit of rain recently. In fact, heavy rainstorms will wash away a lot of the dust and debris that you need to keep cleared away.

Snow Maintenance

If you live somewhere that brings snow in the winter months, you need to be attentive to the snow accumulation. When you have the panels installed, make sure they are installed at an angle, because that will help to facilitate proper runoff as the snow starts to melt. Remember that the sunlight hitting the panel will cause it to heat up, so the snow should melt fairly quickly once the sun comes out.

If you're having trouble clearing the panels, you might need to invest in a gentle snow brush to clear the accumulation away. Sometimes, you can even line the panels with some heat cable so that you can turn the cable on to melt the snow. This may help you clear the panels so that they can absorb sunlight again.

Most solar panels are crafted to hold up to most weather concerns. Unfortunately, if the panel surface is covered with either dirt or snow, it could hinder the ability to receive solar power. With the information here and the help of your solar panel installation contractor, you might be able to keep your panels in the best possible condition no matter what the environment tosses your way.