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Buying A Used Propane Storage Tank: What To Look For

by Genesis Allen

If you use propane as your main energy source for your home or business, you want to make sure you keep enough on-hand for emergencies and the colder months when you likely use more fuel for heat. A propane storage tank is a great way to keep all the propane you need for heating your home and water, drying your clothing, and other tasks. If your propane dealer does not supply you a propane tank for lease and you need to buy your own, you can be looking at a hefty cost. A smaller propane tank above ground can cost up to $2,500 while an underground model can run even more than that, up to $3,000. If you are worried about having enough propane to provide energy for your property but you don't want to go through the cost of buying new, you can buy a used propane storage tank instead. Here are things you should look for in used propane storage tanks.

Outward condition

A used propane storage tank should be free of major dents, scratches, abrasions, and rust. Since many used propane tanks are acquired by re-sellers from companies and homes that no longer use them, many propane storage tanks are in very good condition due to lack of propane consumption. A propane storage tank that shows lots of outward wear can be a sign that the tank was filled many times over the years and may have internal damage as well. Look for a propane storage tank that has as little wear as possible.


You will want to buy a used propane storage tank that is appropriate for the energy usage of your home. How much propane you use is measured by BTUs, and every appliance in your home will likely use a different amount of propane for energy. Propane tanks can be purchased at a variety of gallon levels. Talk to a used propane storage tank dealer about your current usage to see exactly how large a tank you will need for your home.

You will also want to compare the difference in cost between used propane storage tanks that are meant to be installed above ground or underground to see which option fits your budget and needs best. Compare condition, size, and price of various models before you make your final choice.

Buying a used propane storage tank can save you money, while giving you many options in sizes and models. Before choosing any used propane storage tank, make sure you look for quality and other issues so you buy the right one for your needs. If you're looking for a propane tank, check out websites like to see what's available.