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Waste Not Want Not-Recycling Tactics For Your Baked Goods Shop

by Genesis Allen

Eliminate waste at the baked goods shop that you operate by using the following recycling tactics. By doing so, the environment inside of the building that you run will be cleaner and you and your employees may be able to complete job duties in an easier manner since nobody will be exposed to an overabundance of trash.

Sell Or Donate Damaged Or Slightly Expired Items

Set up an area inside of your shop to display baked goods that are damaged or that are slightly past their expiration date and sell them for a reduced price. If you were in the habit of tossing items like these in the trash on a daily basis, you will free up quite a bit of space in your dumpster or trash cans.  

Advertise the sale items on fliers that you will be mailing out or on a sign that is posted in front of your business so that interested individuals will stop by. If you do not wish to sell the items, donate them to a local church, food pantry, or another organization that is in need of food items.

Rent A Cardboard Baler

If you order a lot of ingredients to prepare baked goods or display them in your shop, you and your staff members likely encounter a lot of cardboard boxes. Rent a cardboard baler and sign up everyone up for a training class to learn how to use the machine the proper way. Once the baler is filled with cardboard and activated, stacks will be secured with straps. The stacks of cardboard can then be transported outdoors and placed with other recycling materials that are picked up from the property that your business is located on. 

Set Up Recycling Containers On Wheels 

If carting an abundance of recycling materials outdoors to a recycling bin that is on your property is inconvenient or takes up a lot of time, purchase some containers on wheels and keep them inside of your business in an area where nothing is being stored. Label each container with one type of material, such as plastic, glass, or metal. Request that your employees add materials to the bins on a regular basis. Once the bins are full, push them outdoors and place them in the area where trash and recyclables are picked up.

All of these steps will help keep the work environment inside of your business orderly and will prevent useful resources from being thrown away. For more help with recycling, contact companies like Norm Gordon & Associates, Inc.