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Four Ways To Keep Your Septic System In Better Condition

by Genesis Allen

Regular septic system maintenance and pumping are important. However, they aren't the only measures that will keep your septic system in better condition. There are a number of simple practices you can follow around your home that can help you at accomplishing this goal. Make sure you know what not to do.

Minimize Garbage Disposal Use

Make an effort to minimize the frequency at which you use garbage disposal. While safe, these devices actually increase the amount of grease and solid build-up within the drain line. This build-up can quickly grow and settle within your drainfield, causing a clog to form and increasing the need to have the system pumped. While it's not to say you can't use the garbage disposal, try not to use it daily.

Be Careful With Hot Tub Draining

If you have a hot tub, be mindful when draining it not to do so into your septic system. This overload of water can drown, or over-consume, the septic system and kill the helpful bacteria naturally found within it. When harmful bacteria are destroyed, this minimizes the system's ability to break down solids and waste, causing a clog to form. Always drain a hot tub away from the septic system and its drainfield.

Park Your Vehicles With Caution

Be mindful where you are parking your vehicles along your property. This is the case even if it's not necessarily a large vehicle. Never park a vehicle, or place any heavy object for that matter, over your drainfield. The weight of the object will pack the soil in this area which puts pressure on the pipes, putting them at risk of breaking, which can be a huge problem. Make an effort to keep the drainfield area free and clear for the best results.  

Properly Dispose Of Chemicals

Don't toss household chemicals like pesticides or floor cleaners down your drains. Properly dispose of these mixtures. The primary threat these chemicals introduce is that their harsh ingredients are often strong enough to break down the bacteria within the septic system, which affects its ability to break down solids. Some medications, specifically, antibiotics can cause the same effect. Contact your local municipality to find out proper disposal methods.

The more effort you make to avoid these potentially harmful practices, the lower your needs for repair and the better your septic system will function. Make sure you are adhering to these tips for the best outcome. Contact a pumping company, like River City Septic & Excavating or a similar location, for more tips and help.